Tonight is Emmet’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) test. We started this journey the week I adopted him (about 5 months ago). We are going through our second set of training classes.

As I have mentioned, Emmett is extremely nervous around people. These classes are geared towards your dog’s interaction with people. He quickly picked up on the sit, stay, down and come. Getting him to do those things in a room full of people was another story. It took an enormous amount of treats and patience to get him to interact with people.

The dog that attends class now is almost unrecognizable from the dog that was tail tucked and shaking during our first few classes. Now Emmett begs for treats and will even get a belly rub from a select few people.

Whether he passes his tests or not, I will still be a proud dog mom. We will also be continuing the classes. The continued interaction is beneficial for him and having the time carved out for the class ensures I am getting Emmett socialized each week. I try to do more, but the class holds me accountable.

I won’t make Emmett volunteer as a therapy dog anytime in the near future. Maybe one day he will be able to though.

Tell me about your journey with a nervous dog. Did you attend classes? What are your thoughts? What are your dogs favorite treats used in class?