Dog Moms: The Origin

Last night, my mom and I were cooking ten pounds of ground turkey that we got on sale at the grocery store. Admist this, we began talking about the insanity it is that we spend so much money and time on our dogs diet. She recalled give her dog a cheap can of dog food when she was a kid.

This got me thinking about the pet industry. Think about it. Dog instagrams, doggy day care, dog walkers, acupuncture, holistic diets for your pets, bandanas, dog birthday parties, sweaters, and the expensive handmade collars. Where did this all come from? Since when are dogs in engagement pictures and weddings? Why do I continue to go to the same coffeeshop every week? The only reason is that it’s dog friendly.

Milenials (I hate to generalize) are waiting to have or not having kids. Dogs (or other pets) seem to take place of that. Young couples will get a dog then buy a house for their dog to have a yard.

In 2018, 72.13 Billion dollars will be spent in the pet industry. In 1994, the year I was born, the pet industry was valued at 17 billion dollars.

After learning the amount of money that was being spent on pets, I set out to find out what is a dog mom? Hopefully, you’ve all seen the dog mom anthem!

And they’re absolutely right, if I scroll throughly camera roll, all you’ll see is pictures of my dog. Dog moms don’t seem to be synonymous with “crazy cat lady”. But in truth, most of us are crazy dog moms. Our dog’s schedules seem to come first, my dog’s food gets bought first, and he has a better wardrobe then I do.

An article from National Geographic scientifically backs up the dog mom fad. They showed mothers images of their children and dog and observed the areas of the brain that lit up.

“On an intellectual level I understand that having a dog is not the same as having a human child. Still, what I feel for him has got to be something like maternal attachment. And a new brain-imaging study backs me up on this. . .  As it turned out, many areas of the brain involved in emotion and reward processing — such as the amygdala, the medial orbitofrontal cortex, and dorsal putamen — were activated when mothers viewed their own children or dogs, but not when they viewed unfamiliar photos.”

Here are some of my dog parent friends and what they think being a dog parent means to them.

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